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Midlife Crisis and Depression

Depression symptoms are found in many of us going through midlife crisis, which is considered a normal process of aging by many psychologists. It is usually experienced at the age of 40 – give or take 20 years. Some people who deal with it rationally seek for medical help to bring a change in their lives during this problem in order to experience a positive lifestyle, where as people which neglect consulting a doctor and don’t take this issue as a serious one regret later in life. Symptoms of this crisis that often causes depression include boredom, discontentment, questioning the meaning of life and existence. These mid life feelings can be experienced by anyone anytime. It could happen due to some event or a situation that person goes through in life, or it could occur naturally with time. Mid life crises often transits to depression or is accompanied by it.

There are equal chances of it occurring in both men and women. But both the genders show different signs or ways how the deal with it. Twice as many women suffer from depression. It is sometimes concluded that midlife may not be related to aging, but depression, in most cases is. Some of the main indicators of mid life depression include memory loss, difficulty concentrating, guilt, self blame and hopelessness. It has been reported that peop0le suffering from minor episodes of depression are most likely to report it to a medical professional as compared to people who are into a psychological phase of chronic depression. It is always good to get treated at an early stage or any problem.

If any one experiencing any such symptoms does not consult a doctor in time, it might lead to a chronic depression form. The most important symptom of suffering from major depression is losing interest in day to day life routine and engaging in normal activities. A complete state of hopelessness is experienced when going through it.

Anxiety depression can become severe during menopause if a woman has suffered from a major episode of depression before in life. Some of the symptoms of depression are the same as of pre menopausal symptoms; therefore it is very important that women draw a clear picture of this problem before going on a treatment for it.

Methods to treat depression for people going through mid life crisis include psychological therapy and medication. Anti depressants are usually used for the purpose depending on each individual case. Therapeutic ways include cognitive therapy which deals with a person’s negative thoughts and other psychological interpersonal therapies which help to improve a person’s relationships with family members or relatives.

Depression and crisis are a normal part of every person’s maturation. But this does not mean that these symptoms should be taken lightly, as it can lead to a more serious condition in life. Although depression symptoms might have become quite common among people, but it still has the same effect on a person’s quality of life.

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