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Divorce After Midlife Crisis

Divorce process is serious matter which should not be taken lightly, especially if going through your midlife crisis. It is a normal transitional stage of life that almost every one faces at some time or the other. But the bad aspect of it is that a person going through it experiences such drastic emotional changes that he sometimes goes into deep depression. in such a situation, everything around that person seems depressing, every person seems to make him or her angry, and his life seems to go totally against that person’ s will. In reality, nothing much changes, only that person’s emotional state becomes more vulnerable. Couples who are going through it argue more than ever, family life gets severely disturbed and the person’s social life almost ends. But all of this happens if the person going through mid life crisis does not accept that she needs some professional help before taking any decisions regarding her personal life. It is always a good idea to seek help from your spouse, any family member, your religious leader or a psychiatrist. Taking sudden decisions, especially regarding your married life can cause a lot of emotional pain after divorce. This could even leave their children being emotionally stressed out.

Most people at a time of marriage think that after a few years of adjustment and compromise, they would live happily every after. unfortunately, that is not the case as many couples going through their mid life crisis realize that what was once a strong happy marriage is now breaking and that leaves them in emotional turmoil.

Now the main question that arises in minds of the people who are going through crisis is how to divorce in a way that it stays clean, does not drain you emotionally and financially and gives you a chance to lead a fulfilling life ahead. People who have kids are at a highest risk of going through a divorce settlement.

It should always be remembered that divorce is a serious matter for both the couple and their children therefore; it should be arrived at after complete consideration of how it may affect you and your children. People sometimes forget that marriage like an individual’s life goes through different transition stages.

If a couple understands the different stages their marriage would be going through with coming years, they might make through it successfully. But still if the couple feels that it would be better for the whole family if they spoilt or leave the marriage, then it should be done with dignity and self respect.

Divorce records show that half the couples get divorced eventually. It is mostly because people stop tolerating each other when suffering from mid life crisis or fail to understand the transitions that life goes through. What so ever the reason, it should be kept in mind before taking any decision that divorce process involves yours and your families future.


July 2014


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